Power Street Generation is a system able to recover

part of kinetic energy dissipated by moving vehicles,
during acceleration.

The innovative method for energy recovery is the strength of Power Street Generation. Its operation is based on patented mechanisms and a system 100% made in Italy. Currently patented EPO N.2527652, Power Street Generation  makes the elements that make up its technology its the strengths.

The only visible part of the entire device, a moving road paving, able to support the weight of any vehicle ensuring a safe transit, has the task of capturing the energy generated by the wheels of the cars and then transmit it to the conversion system by the axes below.

The axes are connected to a track system mounted on linkages that have the task of receiving and transmitting the kinetic motion making a link between the device and the energy converter.

The last part of the device, has the task of converting the kinetic energy carried by the kinematic energy into electrical energy. It ‘just the energy converter. This final section will then be connected to the power grid to directly enter the energy generated and make it immediately available for use.

The device is placed inside a cavity of the road surface. The external surface is visible and passable by vehicles. Its steel structure, allows the safe passage of all vehicles on the roads, from motorcycles to tractor-trailers. The modular structure helps to ensure that any maintenance can be carried out quickly. Power Street Generation has as its target market every country of the world where there are urban and extra urban centers and points with high traffic density. So anywhere! And wants to talk about clean energy generation with Private Companies, City count and supporters of “Smart City” project, owners or managers of roads and highways, electric energy companies and brokers.